Beauty as Giving (B.A.G.) is a nonprofit organization that helps homeless women re-emerge into the workforce and society. We host day-long beauty events at local shelters and transitional homes, by partnering with professional makeup Artists, hair stylists, and inspirational speakers.

Our goal is to encourage homeless women by helping them re-establish aims, goals, and orientation, while also offering unique methods and means for outer beauty. Collectively we aim to build confidence and openness toward new forms of support, leading to a re-emergence into society, the workforce and self-reliance.

Through planned coordination with carefully selected local shelters and extensive preparations leading to the event, through and beyond, we provide innovative, original forms of continued support.


We begin with the external because we know that we try to live up to the way we look. That we are pleased when we see ourselves.  So we fuss over her, we do her hair, we apply her makeup as if she was a star of the party, which she is. We tell her she is not only still pretty, but beautiful…



How Can You Help US

You can help by clicking our donate button, or attend our seminars, by purchasing our shirts and accessories from our online store .


Bring your talent to make a difference. If you are a makeup artist, a hair dresser, an event coordinator or, any one who could assist us with this event we will find a way to help you make a difference.

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You can help us purchasing any of our gift items through our shop. 100% profit goes to the cause.

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You can help us by donating money to help us achieve our goal in helping these women to get back to the work force. Any amount is appreciated and well distributed.

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Attend our events

You can help us by purchasing any of our memorable event tickets for you and your loved ones. You get to have fun and be inspired while you help and inspire.

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Without our beautiful, giving volunteers, we couldn’t do what we do. Please see our “How You Can Help” section to connect with us and become a part of this great cause.


 The Story of Caroleta

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