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Beauty as Giving is created and led by Nina Mamo who is deeply passionate about helping homeless women to re-emerge into the workforce and society. In addition to her psychology degree and her background in beauty and fashion, Nina has many years of sales and marketing experience with top fortune 500 companies, providing her the right kind of insight and experience to run a startup nonprofit and turn it into a highly successful organization. As a makeup artist of 15 years, Nina has dealt with over different settings, different faces and personalities of women throughout the years, during which she not only developed skills with makeup and fashion, but she also developed insight into bringing women’s beauty out from the inside. She has helped many women build their confidence through loving touch, warm conversation and by pointing out their beauty all while sitting on her makeup chair. Nina’s most important quality, however, is her passion and dream to make the world a better place. She has always been drawn to the idea of helping homeless people to become self-sustained and believes wholeheartedly, that a deeper purpose in her life is to be of service through acts of loving kindness and giving.



Wayne England is an immersive media, film and commercials director, VFX supervisor, Producer, and VR visionary. A VFX industry veteran, Wayne has worked at the highest level VFX companies in Hollywood, in addition to founding and running his own successful VFX company. As  Wayne England is a twice Emmy nominated and Emmy winning visual effects artist, a Clio award recipient and twice VES nominated (Visual Effects Society) winner as C.G. supervisor. In leading and working with teams of artists and/or programmers, he recognizes great value in evolving strong and harmonious team,  identity and shares a vision, to enable high-level outcomes. A graduate student of music composition and experimental animation at Cal Arts, Wayne is also a 25-year practitioner of meditation and has profound reverence in the transformative power and beauty of compassion. 



Richard Milewski has been chief financial officer of Colormax Technologies, formerly division controller for Litton industries, director of planning for the coca-cola Bottling Co. of Los Angeles, and Treasurer for Petrolane Inc. Milewski has also been Chief financial officer at Willard Marine Inc., Rancho Industries, and D.W McCasland Inc



Niousha Mahjoub has worked in the high-tech industry for over 15 years, journeyed from engineering into marketing and program management using her technical knowledge, customer management, people and leadership skills. She has led multiple projects across different business units and established success in driving programs from the beginning to the end in a timely manner. She also has a passion for sharing knowledge and helping children to grow and expand to their fullest potential. She is currently working with middle school kids, helping them with their education and self-growth.In addition to her Master’s degree in electrical engineering, Niousha is also a certified homeopathic therapist. 


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